a universal UI toolkit with rich and intelligent components that work on any device

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Getting started with rUUI is super-easy!

  • Install
    <!-- install inside <head> tag -->
    <script src="ruui.c.min.js" type="text/javascript" async></script>
    <script src="ruui.nc.min.js" type="text/javascript/r_defer"></script>
  • Use

What does the HTML do? After installing rUUI, you'll have access to an array of UI components. For example, <r-table>, <r-row>, and <r-cell> are used to create a table, rows, and cells. The great thing about this table is that, no matter how many cells you create, it will be natively responsive. And that goes for every other component.

With rUUI, you create your UI component once, and it works everywhere; no tweaking, no fiddling, and no fussing. You're going to love it.

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rUUI is a great toolkit for your Web project because it's:

  • Pure Vanilla

    rUUI is 100% JavaScript-powered and it has no external dependencies

  • Built for Anywhere

    rUUI is built to natively adapt to all web-enabled devices without fuss

  • Built for Performance

    rUUI is built for speed, and will not slow down your Web pages

  • Lightweight

    rUUI has a total payload of around 60k gzipped, so it's much lighter than others

  • Rich in Functionality

    rUUI has tons of UI components that make it easy to build awesome interfaces

  • Easy to Learn

    rUUI has a low learning curve so it’s quick and easy to get started with it on projects

You're going to love rUUI if:

  • You need a toolkit that will natively adapt to desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

  • You are not happy with the features and functionality of existing UI toolkits and frameworks

  • You want a UI toolkit that exposes semantic HTML tags that are easy to understand

  • You would like to spend less time tweaking your interface to work on multiple devices

  • You want a UI toolkit that has virtually every component you could possible need

  • You need a solution that will not overload or slow down your Web pages